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Info Hash:
  1. Winx Club S02E05 Rescuing the Pixies (aka Magic Bonding).mkv187.66 MB
  2. Winx Club S02E02 Princess of Tides (aka Up to their old Trix).mkv150.10 MB
  3. Winx Club S02E03 Into the Under Realm (aka Rescue Mission).mkv140.91 MB
  4. Winx Club S02E04 Queen of Perfection (aka Princess Amentia).mkv184.93 MB
  5. Winx Club S02E01 Back to School (aka The Shadow Phoenix).mkv159.68 MB
  6. Winx Club S02E06 My Boyfriend's Wedding (aka Runaway Groom).mkv153.11 MB
  7. Winx Club S02E07 The Dark Tower (aka The Mysterious Stone).mkv169.74 MB
  8. Winx Club S02E08 Party Monster (aka Party Crasher).mkv174.39 MB
  9. Winx Club S02E09 The Angel of Doom (aka Professor Avalon's Secret).mkv150.47 MB
  10. Winx Club S02E10 Reaching for the Sky (aka Crypt of the Codex).mkv155.16 MB
  11. Winx Club S02E11 Homesick (aka Race Against Time).mkv146.65 MB
  12. Winx Club S02E12 Truth or Dare (aka Win-x Together!).mkv146.78 MB
  13. Winx Club S02E13 Gangs of Gardenia (aka Invisible Pixies).mkv147.10 MB
  14. Winx Club S02E14 The Wrong Righters (aka Battle on Planet Eraklyon).mkv154.01 MB
  15. Winx Club S02E15 Magic in My Heart (aka The Show Must Go On!).mkv143.70 MB
  16. Winx Club S02E16 The Fourth Witch (aka Hallowinx).mkv145.60 MB
  17. Winx Club S02E17 Exchange Students (aka Twinning with the Witches).mkv143.18 MB
  18. Winx Club S02E18 The Heart of Cloud Tower.mkv135.67 MB
  19. Winx Club S02E19 Shadows In Bloom (aka Spy in the Shadows).mkv144.56 MB
  20. Winx Club S02E20 The First Charmix (aka Pixie Village).mkv157.46 MB
  21. Winx Club S02E21 Trouble In Paradise (aka Charmix Power).mkv161.85 MB
  22. Winx Club S02E22 Last Resorts (aka Danger in the Wildland).mkv170.43 MB
  23. Winx Club S02E23 Darkness And Light (aka The time for truth).mkv144.22 MB
  24. Winx Club S02E24 Desperately Seeking Bloom (aka Darkar's Prisoner).mkv147.71 MB
  25. Winx Club S02E25 Storming Shadowhaunt (aka Face to Face with the Enemy).mkv160.41 MB
  26. Winx Club S02E26 The Ultimate Power Couple (aka The Phoenix Revealed).mkv167.53 MB