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  1. Disc 1/01- Away We Go Again.flac38.08 MB
  2. cover.jpg217.24 KB
  3. Disc 1/02- The Rocky Road to Dublin (With the Rolling Stones).flac33.48 MB
  4. Disc 1/03- The Morning Dew [Live 1976].flac16.45 MB
  5. Disc 1/04- Brian Boru's March.flac18.16 MB
  6. Disc 1/05- Carolina Rua - The Ladies Pantalettes (Reel).flac24.81 MB
  7. Disc 1/06-'Round the House and Mind the Dresser.flac20.69 MB
  8. Disc 1/07- O'Sullivan's March.flac22.93 MB
  9. Disc 1/08- Danny Boy (With Diana Krall and Others).flac27.55 MB
  10. Disc 1/09- The McCarthy Theme The Wandering (With Rte Orchestra).flac18.58 MB
  11. Disc 1/10- Down in the Willow Garden (With Bon Iver).flac22.14 MB
  12. Disc 1/11- No. 6 the Coombe.flac19.78 MB
  13. Disc 1/12- The Timpan Reel.flac19.44 MB
  14. Disc 1/13- Drowsy Maggie.flac24.28 MB
  15. Disc 1/14- Molly Ban (Bawn) (With Alison Krauss).flac27.21 MB
  16. Disc 1/15- O'Neill's March (Live 1976).flac19.96 MB
  17. Disc 1/16- The Wind That Shakes the Barley (BBC Live 1981).flac14.31 MB
  18. Disc 1/17- Tom Billy's ∕ The Road to LisdoonvarnaThe Merry Sisiters (Reels).flac29.45 MB
  19. Disc 1/18- The Boyne Hunt ∕ TThe Mullingar Races ∕ TThe Five-Mile Chase (Reels).flac17.43 MB
  20. Disc 1/19- Hard Times Come Again No More (With Paolo Nutini).flac30.19 MB
  21. Disc 2/01-The Foggy Dew (With Sinead O'Connor).flac31.66 MB
  22. Disc 2/02- Mná Na Heireann.flac17.44 MB
  23. Disc 2/03- My Lagan Love (With Lisa Hannigan).flac22.31 MB
  24. Disc 2/04- Carolan's Welcome.flac15.98 MB
  25. Disc 2/05- The Long Black Veil (With Mick Jagger).flac22.81 MB
  26. Disc 2/06- Boil the Breakfast Early (BBC Live 1981).flac23.16 MB
  27. Disc 2/07- Star of the County Down (With Van Morrison, Live 1999).flac19.07 MB
  28. Disc 2/08- Carolan's Concerto (Live 1976).flac15.93 MB
  29. Disc 2/09- Ceol Bhriotanach (Breton Music).flac30.76 MB
  30. Disc 2/10- China to Hong Kong (Live in China).flac25.86 MB
  31. Disc 2/11- Tabhair Dom Do Lámh (BBC Live 1975).flac15.09 MB
  32. Disc 2/12- Carrickfergus (Live 1976).flac14.80 MB
  33. Disc 2/13- Scéall Na Gcapall (The Story of the Horse).flac16.91 MB
  34. Disc 2/14- The French March (With Rte Concert Orchestra).flac27.39 MB
  35. Disc 2/15- Lullaby for the Dead (With Moya Brennan).flac26.43 MB
  36. Disc 2/16- An Comhra Donn ∕ Murphy's Hornpipe (Hornpipes).flac25.37 MB
  37. Disc 2/17- An Faire (The Gold Ring).flac24.09 MB
  38. Disc 2/18- The Humours of Ballyconnell ∕ Bean an Fhir Rua (The Red-Haired Man's Wife)Cherish the Ladies (BBC Live 1975).flac24.68 MB
  39. Disc 2/19- The Chattering Magpie.flac28.26 MB
  40. Disc 2/20- Country Blues (With Buddy & Julie Miller).flac19.73 MB
  41. Disc 2/21- Cotton-Eyed Joe.flac15.08 MB