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  1. The Sweet Keeper/Tanita Tikaram - The Sweet Keeper.log11.96 KB
  2. Ancient Heart/Tanita Tikaram - Ancient Heart.log12.64 KB
  3. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/Tanita Tikaram - Eleven Kinds of Loneliness.log13.76 KB
  4. Ancient Heart/Tanita Tikaram - Ancient Heart.jpg214.14 KB
  5. Ancient Heart/Front Cover.JPG461.67 KB
  6. The Sweet Keeper/Tanita Tikaram - The Sweet Keeper.jpg486.09 KB
  7. The Sweet Keeper/Front Cover.JPG486.09 KB
  8. The Sweet Keeper/Back Cover.JPG796.48 KB
  9. Ancient Heart/Back Cover.JPG806.75 KB
  10. Ancient Heart/Insert 1.JPG1.09 MB
  11. The Sweet Keeper/Insert 4.JPG1.14 MB
  12. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/Front Cover.JPG1.18 MB
  13. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/Tanita Tikaram - Eleven Kinds of Loneliness.jpg1.18 MB
  14. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/Insert 4.JPG1.22 MB
  15. The Sweet Keeper/Insert 1.JPG1.23 MB
  16. The Sweet Keeper/Insert 2.JPG1.26 MB
  17. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/Insert 1.JPG1.28 MB
  18. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/Insert 2.JPG1.30 MB
  19. Ancient Heart/Insert 2.JPG1.34 MB
  20. The Sweet Keeper/Insert 3.JPG1.37 MB
  21. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/Insert 3.JPG1.63 MB
  22. The Sweet Keeper/Insert 5.JPG1.64 MB
  23. The Sweet Keeper/Insert 6.JPG1.66 MB
  24. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/Insert 5.JPG1.66 MB
  25. Ancient Heart/Insert 4.JPG1.83 MB
  26. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/Back Cover.JPG2.25 MB
  27. Ancient Heart/Insert 3.JPG2.29 MB
  28. Ancient Heart/08 Poor Cow.flac11.16 MB
  29. Ancient Heart/04 I Love You.flac13.55 MB
  30. Ancient Heart/02 Cathedral Song.flac14.94 MB
  31. The Sweet Keeper/09 Love Story.flac15.44 MB
  32. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/12 The Way That I Want You.flac16.10 MB
  33. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/04 I Grant You.flac16.42 MB
  34. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/09 Men & Women.flac17.89 MB
  35. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/08 Hot Stones.flac18.37 MB
  36. Ancient Heart/01 Good Tradition.flac18.83 MB
  37. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/06 To Drink the Rainbow.flac18.91 MB
  38. Ancient Heart/10 Valentine Heart.flac19.07 MB
  39. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/10 Any Reason.flac19.83 MB
  40. Ancient Heart/03 Sighing Innocents.flac20.44 MB
  41. The Sweet Keeper/07 Little Sister Leaving Town.flac21.44 MB
  42. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/07 Out on the Town.flac22.64 MB
  43. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/05 Heal You.flac23.29 MB
  44. The Sweet Keeper/02 Thursday's Child.flac23.53 MB
  45. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/01 You Make the Whole World Cry.flac23.74 MB
  46. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/02 Elephant.flac24.34 MB
  47. The Sweet Keeper/04 We Almost Got It Together.flac24.66 MB
  48. The Sweet Keeper/01 Once & Not Speak.flac25.41 MB
  49. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/03 Trouble.flac25.88 MB
  50. The Sweet Keeper/08 I Owe All to You.flac26.40 MB
  51. The Sweet Keeper/03 It All Came Back Today.flac27.16 MB
  52. Ancient Heart/11 Preyed Upon.flac27.48 MB
  53. Ancient Heart/06 For All These Years.flac27.55 MB
  54. Ancient Heart/07 Twist in My Sobriety.flac28.00 MB
  55. The Sweet Keeper/05 Consider the Rain.flac28.68 MB
  56. The Sweet Keeper/06 Sunset's Arrived.flac28.86 MB
  57. Ancient Heart/05 World Outside Your Window.flac30.48 MB
  58. Ancient Heart/09 He Likes the Sun.flac31.04 MB
  59. The Sweet Keeper/10 Harm in Your Hands.flac31.05 MB
  60. Eleven Kinds of Lonliness/11 Love Don't Need No Tyranny.flac32.60 MB